3 Years, 2 Converse, 1 Happy Couple

3 Years, 2 Converse, 1 Happy Couple

So I walked into homeroom, put down my bag, proceeded to stare (viciously) at the girl three seats down and began an argument with the boy next to me. He hated when I was right. I was always right, or at least that’s what I thought. I was a conceded, self-centered, debate obsessed, suit wearing, know-it-all, but at least I was not as bad as the stuck up girl three seats down. She wore a classic blue, non-wrinkled school polo and two large down staring eyes. I disliked her—hold that thought, I despised her. Luckily, she despised me. For all of you movie guessers out there, you guessed it—her name was Emma.

It’s weird how realities alter when you get a littler perspective. For me, It took the death of my grandpa, the dropping of my grades, and the impeding sense of loneliness to stare into those big brown eyes and understand a perfect girl differently. The curve of fate spins us all in different directions, but I was lucky enough to spin, more dancing than spinning, with Emma. It takes a strong woman to put up with past, present, and future Zion, yet Emma is always ready to ‘put me in my place’ when I get out off line. It’s weird how you can spend your first two years despising each other only to find out you were perfect for each other.

I know it’s strange to start the first post in “Emma & Zion” with an anniversary message, but I think its super important to express you affection for loved ones, on both special and normal days.

Emma is super weird. She’s this spectacularly strange occurrence of optimism and thick-skinned resilience. She never gives up. My life constantly throws obstacles in her way, but she never lets a rainy day stop her sunshine. She’s always smiling. She draws a thick lined curve with her lips and explodes the ends of her cheeks with pink smiles—not even the sun shines as bright as this girl’s smile. Her sassy style always challenges my way of life, as she breaks a room’s silence with her yellow sun flowered shorts and optimistic stance.


Emma is more than meets the eye. Many people have told me she’s really quite; in reality, she’s loud as a thundering lioness. She demands attention and respect, and she’s always deserving. I side step her pondering questions in an attempt to convey my superiority in an argument, but she reminds me who she is: my teammate, not my opponent. She conveys elegance in her every word. In just a whisper, she can melt your entire heart with beat of an unwavering love.

Emma is the ocean where I get lost. I stare for seconds in those brown eyes and nearly lose half-a-lifetime. I fall into a field of yellow topped sunflowers and the smell of freshly baked cookies. When we hold hands, I feel like a child excited about his newest friend. I watch the clock spin circles around my tightly kept watch, time nearly breaks right out of the glass and proceed to fly away. I lose track of where I am when I’m with Emma, but she always helps me remember who I am. I’m a different person because of her.

Emma is that first hug after coming home from a long trip. Emma is thatt first sip of tea in the morning. Emma is the ice that cools my day and the fire that warms my heart. Emma is the solution to the math problem that you’ve been working on for two hours. Emma is my first and last thought of the day.

Emma is my inspiration, motivation, best friend, and the love of my life.

It’s a once in a lifetime that you’ll meet people that make you truly happy. Often, we disregard finding true happiness for something more stable, but every now and then we are faced with those that make every moment a dream come true—those are the people we should hold on too. Sometimes it can be hard to see who will make you happy one day, never would I have thought that the girl three chairs down could make me so happy. Give people a chance, enjoy the ones that make you happy, and never stop loving.

Thank you for the amazing three years Emma,




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