The Camera

The Camera

Recently, I’ve started taking more pictures in an attempt to document memories that I forget too fast. In an age of instant data, I don’t blame my lacking memory. My grandmother, Grace Basque, scared me into a furry of documentation, she was also a big inspiration to start writing more. She warned me about clasps of time that will eventually catch up to even me. Before Grace Basque was a grandmother she was as a photographer. She had practiced photography for over 30 years and boasts the aged equipment to prove such bold statements of mastery. She discontinued her passion in photography about five years ago because her hands had become too unsteady to shoot. In a subtle but cunning action she gifted me her last DSLR Camera, a Nikon D300 purchased in 2007.

The camera is remarkably intimidating. I had swiped the camera in the past to attempt artsy landscape shots, and of course was unable to actual shoot decent pictures. After about 20 minutes of reading a Nikon manual, tutoring from Emma, and camera fiddling, I was able to get shots that only appeared half blurred. I was hooked instantly. The history that the camera held with it intimidated me more than the actual technicals of the device. I had to carry the weapon of such a great warrior of art. The sheered black leather coated with years of ware wore me down at the sight. The extending lens trekked an ache of scarce confidence in my chest. The vexing weight made my heart feel heavy. The camera scared the crap out of me.

Cameras are intimidating

I don’t plan on being very good at photography. I have been told I am a little too competitive, especially when starting new hobbies. I am trying to keep this hobby, as just a hobby. I want to have some nice shots on my blog, but I don’t want to spend hours editing them. But man is it nice to have a camera with good quality, this is my first non-iphone camera.

Do or do not, there is no try

So, I’m starting my small-time, unimportant photography career on my blog posts. I plan on adding some photography with every post I do from now on. I love taking pictures that accompany writing, and I hope one day I could do some travel posts…**incoming goal detected** I have an upcoming post about an awesome town walk that occurred last week. You should really read it. You should also have pity on my accompanying photos. As Emma put it, “[I] am now only a mere grasshopper, but I will get better.”

Emma, basking in her correctness

Heck while we are doing quotes Yoda also said, “do or do not, there is no try.” Alright bye guys, enjoy a photo of Emma throwing a trophy wife smile. ALSO please subscribe on the bottom of the page to get cool customized updates every two weeks. Help me feel more important than I am. Ok, bye for real.


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