The First Blog Post / Summarizing 4 Months

The First Blog Post / Summarizing 4 Months

Last year today I was sweeping the web with an alarming thought in mind, “I have so much content on the Internet about me.” I cringed at the seemingly reminiscent Facebook squanders, YouTube pre-virals, and Twitter ghost accounts. I have the worst kind of data monster: a social media tornado. So, I decided I was going to make one place for all my social media outlets. Welcome. I created this blog so you, and I, knew what I have been wasting my time on lately. Thanks for caring <3.

My first blog post, ever.

But on to something more concerning… What have I been up to for the last 4 months? If you haven’t been keeping up, I recently started my college career at Arizona State University as a Computer Science major in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering.

I entered the untamable desert of Tempe, Arizona (aka that one college town next to Phoenix) in early August to be greeted by 115 degree days and intimidating crowds of thousands of red-hashed white faces brutally focused on achieving innovation. I hated the heat, but stayed in the kitchen–or desert really.

I quickly found a love for this unwavering city school of innovators, explorers, and overall interesting fellows. It took me about one month to get into a schedule that allowed me time to explore my interest in hacking with this school. When I say hacking, I am talking about the action of using something outside of it’s intent — BUT LEGALLY!

I searched for a rumored research lab I had read about in high school called the Laboratory of Security Engineering for Future Computing, a federally funded computer security research lab. The lab was mainly populated with PHD and MD students. I somehow made contact with one of the professors working in the lab and was soon able to meet in person. He is super cool. I was soon invited to work in the research lab in the ARM Research team. The team is also super cool and filled with intimidating PHD students.

The research lab led me to join the ethical hacking team the Pwndevils. We compete in these awesome hacking competitions called Capture the Flag. I’ll tell you guys about it later. I soon found a home that challenged me in ASU.


Emma has started her academic career at Northern Arizona University, it’s about three hours away. She is pursing a degree in Psychology and a minor in Photography. They are also awesome. 

To visit it requires me to take two light rails and a bus. The bus ride is the long part — the three hour part. I think I will start using those times to work on blog posts or maybe some hacking.

We recently had a really nice thanksgiving together that I might post about later, but as a TL;DR we are doing good as we approach two and a half years next month. I am happy.

Ok, back to me. This is my website after all. I ended this semester strong, achieving a 4.0 in my classes, a research position in a graduate lab, a membership to the best hacking team in the west, and an addition to a startup company I have started with four other engineers–I will talk about it in the future.

I hope that was a good summary, but if you want to know a little more about any particular thing, then you know where to find me ( Thanks so much for reading, comment or whatever. K Shoots.



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