3 Years, 2 Converse, 1 Happy Couple

3 Years, 2 Converse, 1 Happy Couple

So I walked into homeroom, put down my bag, proceeded to stare (viciously) at the girl three seats down and began an argument with the boy next to me. He hated when I was right. I was always right, or at least that’s what I thought. I was a conceded, self-centered, debate obsessed, suit wearing, know-it-all, but at least I was not as bad as the stuck up girl three seats down. She wore a classic blue, non-wrinkled school polo and two large down staring eyes. I disliked her—hold that thought, I despised her. Luckily, she despised me. For all of you movie guessers out there, you guessed it—her name was Emma.

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For Chris

For Chris

I sat alone in the forest and gave a gentle cry as the tears barely hit my gritty orange shirt. A preconceived game of hide-and-seek lasted forever as everyone gave up on finding me—no one cared. I criss crossed my stubby legs and looked into the ever growing roots of a tree covered by my size 7 vans. I heard movement from behind me and turned to meet the legs of a 6 foot giant with orange-red hair, cut up jeans, and gentle face. He found me. Shocked at his precedence, I just stared. He broke the forest’s silence with, “you’re Zion right?” I mustered my strength to whisper a “yeah.” He gave me a half-pitying smile and helped me up. He said “My name’s Chris.”

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Cultivating the Land of Zion

As I bashed my head over the keyboard last night, attempting to turn my convulsing into grammatically sound sentences, I realized that the Land of Zion was quite dry, fruitless, and overall chaotic. There appears to be no rules in any posts at any given time. No time line. No freaking structure. I’m not trying to create the CVS version of a holy land, I’m at least shooting for the Walmart version.

With these conformist thoughts in mind, I decided to create a general set of guidelines and goals for the Land of Zion. My fellow hacker counterparts will most likely crucify me for creating this semi-rigid, government based, method to controlling this land. So here goes nothing…

I’ve got three frameworks in mind:

  1. Post Structure
  2. Post Timeliness
  3. Guest Authors

Post Structure:

In each post I would like to keep a general structure or formatting. The structure should go as follows:

  • 1000 words or less (excluding the short stories section)
  • Minimum of one self-shot image (excluding the short stories section)
  • Generalizing of observations

The first two are pretty self explanatory… have content. The third requirement is a little harder and transcends my fixed brain size of college–actually it takes me back to high school. Remember that raunchy concept in english class that projected the meaning of your work? Yes you know it, you love it, you need it, a Thesis. Since this is not high school, I’m not actually requiring a thesis statement, but the post needs to have a purpose. It needs a way that people can relate to it and learn something. For instance, the post I did on the Arizona Rain. I related the idea of rain to everyone needing to slow down, that is a conclusion thesis. So from now on, you will be able to get something maybe half useful from these posts ;). The idea can be explicit or implicit, because I love ideas that I have to think about to fully understand.

Post Timeliness:

I would like to assure the followers of the holy land that there will actually be something on this site from now on. Post timeliness will can be defined as:

  • Minimum 1 post per week
    • Any category work
  • Minimum 1 guest post per month

Essentially, I’m just trying to guarantee people stick around here. I will address the guest post part in the guest authors section.

Guest Authors:

Recently, I’ve read a lot of friends writing that I think would have a nice home in the Land of Zion. I understand that this is my land, but I can only cultivate it with the help of others–also it would be super fun to share other peoples awesome artistic works. I would really like to share any variation of art. It can be in any medium: website, pictures, paintings, traditional writings (like yours truly), or anything I did not list_._ Some guidelines for these posts are:

  • Follow all the Post Structure rules
    • Unless your art dictates the structure must be broken
  • Make an account on this site so I can give you credit
    • Registration found at the top of the site
  • Have some awesome content

I’d like anything you guys have to offer. Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions for featured guest authors, or if you have something you want to share. If no one emails me I will just start emailing others ;).

Thats all. If you look closely, you will notice a new page on the site listed as Emma’s Gallery. Check it out, she has some really great photography and is therefore the first featured guest author on the Land of Zion.

If you guys have any suggestions for structure or just want to complain about my lack of taste, leave a comment below. If you’re new here, subscribe too. Let me know fam.